Belorin Steelsong

Human Warlock


Belorin Steelsong is the third son of Yeorin Steelsong, a well known arms and armor merchant. From a young age, Belorin was groomed to take part in the family business and expected that he would act as an agent for his eldest brother, Darius. He enjoyed his work and the travel involved and his marriage had been arranged to benefit the family.

While he wasn’t unhappy with his life, he was constantly restless and yearned for something more, though he knew not what. His life changed drastically after he developed a friendship with a client, Hyraim, who was the guard captain for a well reputed warlock. It was through this friendship and hearing of Hyraim’s adventures he realized he desired the excitement of adventuring.

However, he realized he didn’t want to be a foot soldier or mercenary. He wanted the power gained from forging a pact with otherworldly forces and to learn the mysteries and intricacies of tapping into such a source. He approached Hyraim’s employer, who was was willing to take him on as an apprentice.

When Yeorin learned of Belorin’s plans, he confronted him and forbade him from pursuing it, declaring that it was unacceptable to have one of his sons pursue such activities and that it would cause the family name to be sullied and place his engagement in peril. Belorin pleaded with this father to no avail. Yeorin gave an ultimatum that Belorin cease this pursuit or he would be disowned.

Belorin felt that he could not follow the path that Yeorin had laid out for him and bade his family goodbye. His hopes now lie in building himself a reputation on his chosen path and showing his father that he can be claimed as a member of the Steelsong clan with pride, rather than scorn or contempt.

He finished his initial training under his mentor and now seeks to begin seeking his fortune, hoping to eventually return home to open and welcoming arms.

Belorin Steelsong

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