Cynder Thornbrush

Halfling Cleric


Halfling Cleric, about 30.

A cleric of Avandra. Cynder also worships Sehanine.

Cynder is a halfling of average height, but with a slightly larger than average build. His hair is sandier than most halflings, and eyes lighter, being more of a green-brown. His complexion is an olive brown from spending a fair amount of time in the sun. He often wears a serious expression, there are smile lines are etched around his eyes.


“Come here, Cynder,” spoke a tired looking half-elf man from a comfortable, feather lined bed.

A sandy-haired halfling looked up from his book, which he was reading in a austere wooden chair nearby.

“Want me to call for the herbalist? He’s due around dinner time, but I’m sure he would come sooner for you, Father Peren.”

Father Peren made a small gesture of protest. “No, Cynder, my child. Listen closely, I feel my time is upon me and I wish to share with you my final thoughts.”

The halfling named Cynder said nothing, but his gaze shifted sadly and quietly to the floor.

“You and your brother were always my favorites amongst all my children. As you know, I am still so pleased you decided to become a healer and protector, following in my footsteps. And although I am not your true father, I have always treated you and the others like I might treat my own child. My love and faith in you has not been in vain, for you have become a good and charitable young man.

“Avandra has heard my prayers. I have seen the years temper your judgment and mature you. I have observed you acting quietly but boldly for those in need, and switfly and subtley against those who would do harm to them. And though I have always known you to be a child of the Moon, with your unrelenting and quiet mischief, your heart has always been warm, and your motives pure.

“I have not yet told you this, but I recently discovered from your younger brother that during our travels, quite a few change purses disappeared from some of the more avaricious merchants we met.”

At this Cynder flushed.

“But apparently you never took anything for yourself, and it always ended up in the hands of those who needed it most. And all that time, I had thought the monies were donated anonymously as an answer to my prayers to Avandra. And, in a way, I guess they were.”

Peren started to laugh lightly, and then was overcome with coughing.

“Go and bring your brother, child. Bring all of the brothers and sisters. My time here is close. You have made me proud, and I will always watch over you as you set forth and continue to journey, spreading love and goodness to those who are in need.”

Cynder Thornbrush

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