Koil of the White Crane

Half-Elf Paladin



Notes from Master at Arms Mansur:

Years of training with heavy plate, shield, and weapon has left Koil with a muscular frame though he still has a certain litheness to him, a product of his elven heritage. Standing at 5’ 9" and weighing 160 pounds he does not have the explosive strength like some of our brothers and sisters. You will not see him charge forth like an Eldrich bolt from a Warlocks hands.

Rather you will find him to be an unrelenting force, always marching towards you, always pressuring you at the same even pace as when he started. I have overseen many sparring sessions and have watched Koil grind his opponents into submission. He has a good deal of endurance and patience. In the most difficult of fights the virtues of both are paid in full.

He has spent his entire life in and around Morin and as of yet has not been assigned to tasks that will take him away for an extended amount of time. I remember when I was a young promising Paladin like him. I remember the time it took to adjust to a new land with new customs. His dual heritage should see him through and the ranks of the White Crane, while predominately Human, has enough diversity that he is not close minded. The boy has a temper buried deep down. So certain I am I’d bet my rank on it. And for the most part he has kept it in check, rarely have I seen him furious. But those times when he was…I’d rather not be in his way then.


Notes on Initiate Koil written by the hand of Grand Preciept Daitao.

Born to a poor merchant family in the great city of Morin, Koil was brought to the society at the age of seven. The third son of a poor family who could ill afford to feed him. A half-breed at that, his mother being an Elven woman. And Morin has always had a troubled history with other races. Always at the brink of disaster. But I digress. The White Crane Society often take in boys such as this and those with the talent for it are raised as Paladins in Pelor’s holy light.

Koil was one such boy. From the day his talent was shown he was trained. First as a page and then as a squire. He took to the martial aspects of the society quickly but has not taken to the more mental aspects with the same ease. But he has proven himself to be an able diplomat in his service and has a rough sort of wisdom. And while not as physically strong as some of his compatriots his command of Pelor’s radiance is something to behold. It is ironic given his struggles with faith. Koil has always been sympathetic to the skeptics view point. And I myself admit that the White Crane often focuses on the more martial aspects of serving Pelor. We do not openly proselytize others for instance. but something has changed recently. When questioned he says it stems from the death of his family during the Race Riots last year. And while I do not doubt him, my intuition says that there is something darker at play here

As of yet he has kept the faith with his fellow Paladins keeping watch. But I have a feeling that he might be more willing to bend the rules so to speak to achieve his goals. We must remain ever vigilant that such an inclination is never taken advantage of nor abused by Koil himself. Hopefully in time his faith will be restored and he might ascend to greater things.

Koil Al’tanath is now known as Koil of the White Crane and hence forth shall be accorded all rights and status as a fully fledged Paladin of our society. May Pelor’s light guide him to be just and fair. May Pelor’s light guide his arm in meting out punishment to those that deserve it. May Pelor provide him with the strength and conviction to do his duty without delay.

Taken from the pages of Koil’s journal:

Date unknown

Our ship, hard to believe it’s just me now, to Winterhaven was assaulted by some unknown force. The storm that ravaged our ship was not natural I know it in my bones. I could have sworn I saw Paladin Iskellith fighting someone or something before I was tossed overboard as the ship broke apart. I was barely able to keep myself a float until some flotsam drifted my way and I was able to take hold. As far as I know all hands were lost at sea and only I survived.

I lost my armor, my weapon, my friends and companions. I even lost the locket that my mother gave me, the one I swore never to remove when they gave me to the Society. All that remains to me is the clothing I was wearing and a pouch of gold coins. Who ever did this to us…I will see that justice is brought to them. If you’re listening Pelor, I swear this by your holy word that I will see it done even if it costs me my last breath.

Koil of the White Crane

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