Elf - Ranger


Being an elf didn’t always come easily to Velocity. She was raised by a human family from an early age. While her “parents” (Elsie and Clarence) treated her well and as an equal to the other human children, they were very strict and she had to lead a disciplined life. Her tendency to want to be among nature and beasts made her spend more and more time away from the house, and she’d often get into trouble for her wanderings since her household chores would be neglected. Elsie and Clarence told her they befriended a trader in a busy trading post who requested that they adopt her out of mercy since Velocity’s biological family was killed by flooding when a river broke. The trader was a nomad and didn’t think a trading post was an appropriate place to raise an elf. The only thing she has from her family is a bracelet made from thinly carved and heated stone with etchings similar to an infinity symbol.

Since elves outlive humans, Velocity’s adopted family either died or moved away and she was soon left on her own. She traveled the woods and mountains, eventually settling with a clan in the northern regions where there is frequent and deep snow. It was there that she learned to be an elf and discovered a proclivity to the bow.

Velocity bonds easily and well with rabbits, foxes, and owls and can sense their thoughts and feelings. Old trees with lots of history are important to her as well, and she reacts strongly to their destruction. Sometimes she can perceive a tree’s memories, particularly if she chews on a tree’s bark (but only with the tree’s permission or if the tree has been partially destroyed). She doesn’t have any problems eating fish and eggs but prefers to not eat meat. She often snacks on dried fruit.


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