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An Adventure en route to Adventure

Seven strangers, forced together through convenience and a necessity to survive, travel along a worn road leading to Winterhaven. The trees seem to whisper softly as they tread wearily along the once cobbled dirt path, the septet is barely armed and low on supplies; their destination is just a few miles ahead.

Velocity stares upwards, entranced by the dance that the leaves perform in the gentle breeze. Suddenly, the scurrying sound of tiny, clawed feet and high pitched chatter of a gang of kobolds perk her Elven ears upwards. “Be alert,” she says quickly as the adventurers fall into what would best be described as a ‘not quite attack ready, never tried’ position.

The Dragonborn fighter, Andraste steps to the front along with the Tiefling warlord, Khorin. Both move forward assure of their strength and imposing forms while Koil of the White Crane, a Half-Elf paladin follows closely behind without trepidation. Low mewing noises can be heard from Andraste as she braces for the possible ambush. In the middle of the group, Amikhai, a dark and quiet Tiefling rogue shifts imperceptibly next to Velocity, a skilled Ranger. While, the rear of the group is enclosed by Cynder, a Halfling cleric, and Belorin, a Human warlock.

Tiny kobold pour out from behind every boulder, surprised that the oncoming group was so quick to form. At first count there appear to be only four, but as the action continues four larger lizard-like creatures appear. The adventurers stutter at the start, understandably so given their long journey. As the battle wears on each displays his or her strengths, though not as readily as Belorin, who seems to curse the advancing Kobolds with the ease of a lifetime of practice.

What feels to Velocity as an eternity later, ironic given her century of life on most of the group, the crew is victorious. They make the last mile of the walk to Winterhaven in peace.

And so begins the story of an adventuring heptad, the likes of which neither Winterhaven’s sage, Valthrun the prescient, or it’s ruling warlord, Lord Padraig, have seen before…

Home Page

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